The Harmone Revolution Weight–Loss Plan

The Harmone Revolution Weight–Loss Plan The Harmone Revolution Weight–Loss Plan

The Harmone Revolution Weight–Loss Plan

The Harmone Revolution Weight–Loss Plan The delicate balance of the effects of diet, exercise, and supplements on your body’s hormones is at the heart of my Hormone Revolution program. You will benefit from my years of working with elite athletes in designing an exercise program for maximum effect and minimal time commitment. I will tell you not only what exercise to do but also when to do them-both extremely important factors in fat burning and fitness. Once you start exercising, you will find that your dietary habits will improve without much effort. The dietary espect of this program allows you to lose weight without starvation or cravings. Just as with exercise, the timing of meals and snacks is an extremely important factor that has a tremendous impact on your body’ hormones.  I will take you step by step through my diet program, which is designed to harness the fat-burning power of your hormones. This will include instruction on what to buy at the grocery store, what meals to cook, what to order at restaurants, and even how to schedule your meals throughout the day. Continue reading

Exercise Timing

Exercise Timing Exercise Timing

Exercise Timing

Exercise Timing, Your body has many natural hormonal cycle during the day, making the timing of your exercise program crucial to optimally harnessing your fat burning hormones. Just as prescription drugs have indication on what time of day they are to be taken in order to maximize their effect, your workout program needs to be planned so that the benefits of the exercise can be fully realized by your hormonal system.

Exercise Timing Early – Morning exercise

Exercise Timing, By fat the best time to exercise is in the morning, when your testosteronce levels are at their highest, you can be sure that you are burning calories from fat rather than muscle. The testosteronce boost you get from your workout also will provide you with energy and strength for the rest of the day, a more relaxed temperament, and relief from stress. And because your insulin levels are low, you avoid the fat storage effects of insulin and are thus able to burn more fat rather than muscle when you exercise. Exercise Timing.
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Method Exercise Training

Method Exercise Training Method Exercise TrainingMethod Exercise Training, I usually recommend that my patients join a gym whenever possible-especially when starting-rather than buy exercise equipment for home use. Studies have shown that people tend to exercise more and comply better, and more consistently, with a program when they work out at a gym instead of at home.

Method Exercise Training at the Gyms

Many gyms will offer you a short trial membership, usually about two weeks, or free initial sessions with a personal trainer. Going to a gym full of motivated people exercising combined with the assistance of a personal trainer can make it much easier to motivate yourself to stick with the program. Method Exercise Training. Continue reading

Doctor or Personal Trainer

Doctor or Personal Trainer1 Doctor or Personal TrainerDoctor or Personal Trainer, Getting the instruction of a well-qualified health professional or a personal trainer is particularly important with this exercise program. It is important to make sure you use the correct technique when weight training so that you get the maximum benefit from the exercise and don’t injure yourself or cause back problems. I suggest you visit a doctor or personal trainer and have him or her go over some simple weight-training exercise with you. Exercise is also much less intimidating when you have someone to give you proper instruction. Continue reading

Weight Loss Plateus

Weight Loss Plateus Weight Loss PlateusWeight Loss Plateus, No matter how consistent your diet, exercise, and supplement program is, your body will build up a tremendous defense against hormone stimulation and a fortified resistance against further weight and fat loss-a plateau. Weight Loss Plateus, The trick to overcoming this is to identify as soon as possible whether you have actually reached a true hormonal plateau or if you have simply strayed from your Hormone Revolution Weight-Loss Plan. Continue reading

Guarana and Green Tea Extract

Guarana and Green Tea Extract Guarana and Green Tea Extract

Guarana and Green Tea Extract

Guarana and Green Tea Extract, Guarana, a berry grown in South America, is a good source of the most common thermogenic agent, caffeine. Some thermogenic formulas use kola nut as an alternative source of caffeine. By it self, caffeine is a relatively mild thermogenic-you might notice a small increase in your body temperature after drinking coffee or a coffenated soft drink. Guarana Extract, But combined in a thermogenic formula with other ingredients discussed in this section, caffeine has a more potent effect than when taken alone. Most good thermogenic products are standardized to have roughly 200 milligrams of gurana a day, taken in two doses at least four hours apart. If you are caffeine-sensitive, you ahould avoid taking guarana before bedtime, or even not take it at all. Guarana and Green Tea Extract. Continue reading