The Harmone Revolution Weight Loss Plan

The Harmone Revolution Weight–Loss Plan The Harmone Revolution Weight Loss PlanThe Harmone Revolution Weight Loss Plan The delicate balance of the effects of diet, exercise, and supplements on your body’s hormones is at the heart of my Hormone Revolution program. You will benefit from my years of working with elite athletes in designing an exercise program for maximum effect and minimal time commitment. I will tell you not only what exercise to do but also when to do them-both extremely important factors in fat burning and fitness. Once you start exercising, you will find that your dietary habits will improve without much effort. The dietary espect of this program allows you to lose weight without starvation or cravings. Just as with exercise, the timing of meals and snacks is an extremely important factor that has a tremendous impact on your body’ hormones.  I will take you step by step through my diet program, which is designed to harness the fat-burning power of your hormones. This will include instruction on what to buy at the grocery store, what meals to cook, what to order at restaurants, and even how to schedule your meals throughout the day. The Harmone Revolution Weight Loss Plan. Continue reading

Exercise Splits

Exercise Splits Exercise SplitsExercise Splits, A cardinal rule about weight lifting is that you must give each body part (muscle group) at least four days of rest before exercising it again. It is dangerous to exercise your whole body, working out all muscle groups three times a week. This will only lead to muscle soreness, injuries, and suppression of you fat-burning hormones. Instead, you should divide your exercise into splits-exercise schedules that emphasize a different group of muscles on each of your three weight-lifting days. Continue reading

Weight Training Tips

Weight Training Tips Weight Training TipsWeight Training Tips, A fundamental principle of the Hormone Revolution weight-lifting program is that you should always exercise standing up using free weights, thereby stimulating the entire body-the muscles, nervous system, and the skeleton. Lifting free weights while standing demands coordination, balance, and resistance. Also, it has been revealed that fat cells have a “stealth effect” whereby they quietly release hormones such as leptin that preserve fat stores in the body. Weight Training Tips, This preserved fat is not just a storage area-each cell is a major hormone factory that has tremendous effects on many hormone systems. But recent research has shown that multi joint exercises such as squats and dead lifts help suppress this stealth effect and promote fat burning. Weight Training Tips to Build Muscle Continue reading

Weight Training Tips to Build Muscle

Weight Training Tips to Build Muscle Weight Training Tips to Build MuscleWeight Training Tips to Build Muscle, Weight training is a resistance exercise that is, by definition, the opposite of aerobics. Specifically, it is high-intensity, short-duration exercise expressly meant for building and preserving muscle mass and increasing strength. Weight Training Tips to Build Muscle, Weight training is often neglected and misunderstood by most people trying to lose weight and fat. Most dieters focus entirely on aerobic exercise, which can cause you to lose a large amount of muscle mass. This muscle may be lost forever, and the loss will ultimately inhibit you from burning excess fat. Weight training solves this problem by increasing your testosterone levels, helping you preserve and build muscle, facilitating fat burning, and stimulating muscle tissue growth. By maintaining or gaining some muscle mass, you also are able to prevent the decrease in your metabolism that occurs with most weight-loss programs. here we go Weight Training Tips to Build Muscle. Continue reading

Exercise Timing Weight Loss

Exercise Timing Weight Loss Exercise Timing Weight LossExercise timing weight loss, I also strongly advise against the pilates exercise system. This is heavily promoted by some and gyms, but a have found it to be a useless fad. Exercise Timing Weight Loss and your hormones, The horizontal exercise recommended by this system are counterproductive for the Hormone Revolution program as they don’t take advantage of the effects of gravity to build muscle and strengthen bones. Exercise timing weight loss, The movements involved in this training do not enhance any function used in our daily lives. You are serious about the Hormone Revolution program, then you must stop exercise that are not weight bearing or are not upright, such as excessive bilking or swimming. If you do your aerobic exercises too intensively or for too long, they are no longer aerobically beneficial. Excessive aerobic exercise will put your body into a survival mode as though your life were being threatened, a state that triggers the release of stress hormones such as cortisol and lowers your testosterone levels. You will no longer be burning fat but muscle. Exercise Timing Weight Loss Continue reading

Type of Exercise Best for Losing Weight

Type of Exercise Best for Losing Weight Type of Exercise Best for Losing WeightType of Exercise Best for Losing Weight, you need to find a balance between aerobics and weight training. These two main types of exercise have extremely different effects on your body and your hormones. Unlike many other programs, the Hormone Revolution program emphasize weight training because it has powerful effects on building and preserving muscle and boosting your fat-burning hormone levels. Type of Exercise Best for Losing Weight, Aerobics exercise, when done correctly, strengthens and improves the function of your heart and helps burn fat. Practiced together within the same program, these two forms of exercise fuel each other and enhance your weight-loss potential. But you have to be very careful of which aerobic and weight-training exercise you do and of the duration and intensity with which you do them. Type of Exercise Best for Losing Weight Let’s read below. Continue reading